Tag Parameters

All the tags parameters are declared in the src/engine/abstract/TagParameterStrings.cpp file. It consists in a set of constant strings, consistently named according to the AR class that uses the parameters. For example: tag parameters for the ARMeter class is named kARMeterParams.

Tag parameters string

A tag parameters string is a list of semicolon separated parameters. Each parameter is a string in the following format:




The ARMeter tag parameters are described with:


see the \meter documentation for the parameters description.

Shared Parameters

The following parameters are shared by all the AR classes:

const char* kCommonParams       = "S,color,black,o;U,dx,0,o;U,dy,0,o;F,size,1.0,o";

The following parameters are shared by all the ARFontAble derived classes:

const char* kARFontAbleParams   = "S,textformat,rc,o;S,font,Times,o;U,fsize,9pt,o;S,fattrib,,o";


All the tag parameters strings are stored in a TagParametersMaps structure that is initialised by GuidoInit()and released by GuidoShutdown().

Each AR class is responsible to:

For example, see the ARFermata implementation.

Creating a new parameters string

It requires the following steps: