Source code organisation

The source code of the Guido Engine is located in the src/engine folder. This folder is organised as follows:

Name description
abstract contains all the abstract representation (AR) classes and tags parameters management classes. The file names for AR classes starts with AR. The file names for tags management classes starts with Tag
alt-rep contains classes that implement alternate representations (PianoRoll and Reduced Proportional representations)
devices contains the platform independent graphic devices like the SVG or the Abstract devices. Note that platform dependant devices are located in the platforms or in the environments folders.
graphic contains all the graphic representation (GR) classes and some various utilities. The file names for GR classes starts with GR.
include contains the public header files.
lib contains the C++ interface implementation and various utilities.
maps contains the time to graphic mapping implementation
misc contains various shared utilities.
operations contains operations on AR or GR representations.
parser contains the Guido Music Notation parser definition and implementation.
tools various utilities mainly for debug purpose.