Package guidoengine

Class guidopageformat

  • public class guidopageformat
    extends java.lang.Object
    Guido page format The Guido language includes a \\pageFormat tag to specify the page layout within the score descritpion. When a guido score description doesn't include this \\pageFormat tag, the guido engine applies a default page format. The guidopageformat is basically a data structure used to control the default page format strategy of the score layout engine.
    • Field Detail

      • fWidth

        public float fWidth
      • fHeight

        public float fHeight
      • fMarginleft

        public float fMarginleft
      • fMargintop

        public float fMargintop
      • fMarginright

        public float fMarginright
      • fMarginbottom

        public float fMarginbottom
    • Constructor Detail

      • guidopageformat

        public guidopageformat()
      • guidopageformat

        public guidopageformat​(float w,
                               float h,
                               float ml,
                               float mt,
                               float mr,
                               float mb)
    • Method Detail

      • GetDefault

        public final void GetDefault()
        Retrieve the engine default page format.
      • SetDefault

        public final void SetDefault()
        Sets the engine default score page format. The default page format is used when no \\pageFormat tag is present. Parameters are Guido internal units. Default values for the default page format are: - paper size: A4 - left margin: 2cm - right margin: 2cm - top margin: 5cm - bottom margin: 3cm
      • print

        public void print()
        Print utility.
      • Init

        protected static void Init()
        Internal jni initialization method. Automatically called at package init.