GUIDOLib  1.6.8
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GuidoPageFormat Struct Reference

The page format parameters. More...

Public Attributes

float width
float height
float marginleft
float margintop
float marginright
float marginbottom

Detailed Description

The page format parameters.

Page format should be given in internal units. To convert from cm or inches you should use GuidoCM2Unit or GuidoInches2Unit

Member Data Documentation

◆ height

float GuidoPageFormat::height

◆ marginbottom

float GuidoPageFormat::marginbottom

◆ marginleft

float GuidoPageFormat::marginleft

◆ marginright

float GuidoPageFormat::marginright

◆ margintop

float GuidoPageFormat::margintop

◆ width

float GuidoPageFormat::width

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