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GuidoMeter Struct Reference

A meter representation. More...

Public Attributes

int count [kMaxGuidoMeterCounts]
 the beats count More...
int unit
 the meter unit More...

Detailed Description

A meter representation.

A Guido meter is expressed as a list of beats counts and a beat unit. It similar to the way a time signature is expressed: the numerator(s) are stored in the beats count and the denominator in the unit. E.g. the "3+3+2/8" time signature will be stored as { [3,3,2], 8 } The count values ends with the first null value. Absence of meter is denoted with count[0] == 0.

for convenience, the count field has a fixed and limited size that should however cope with any realistic notation case.

Member Data Documentation

◆ count

int GuidoMeter::count[kMaxGuidoMeterCounts]

the beats count

◆ unit

int GuidoMeter::unit

the meter unit

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