GUIDOLib  1.6.8
A Music Score Rendering Engine
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GuidoLayoutSettings Struct Reference

Engine settings for the graphic score layout. More...

Public Attributes

float systemsDistance
int systemsDistribution
float systemsDistribLimit
float force
float spring
int neighborhoodSpacing
int optimalPageFill
int resizePage2Music
float proportionalRenderingForceMultiplicator
bool checkLyricsCollisions

Detailed Description

Engine settings for the graphic score layout.

Member Data Documentation

◆ checkLyricsCollisions

bool GuidoLayoutSettings::checkLyricsCollisions

used to check lyrics and resolve collisions (default value is false)

◆ force

float GuidoLayoutSettings::force

force value of the Space-Force function typical values range from 400 to 1500. Default value: 750

◆ neighborhoodSpacing

int GuidoLayoutSettings::neighborhoodSpacing

boolean value to tell the engine to use the Neighborhood spacing algorithm or not (default value: 0)

◆ optimalPageFill

int GuidoLayoutSettings::optimalPageFill

boolean value to tell the engine to use the optimal page fill algorithm or not (default value: 1)

◆ proportionalRenderingForceMultiplicator

float GuidoLayoutSettings::proportionalRenderingForceMultiplicator

float value to tell the engine what is the force multiplicator applied to proportional rendering If value is 0, proportional mode is not enabled, otherwise value corresponds to the force multiplicator value (default value: 0)

◆ resizePage2Music

int GuidoLayoutSettings::resizePage2Music

boolean value to tell the engine to resize page to music (default value: 1)

◆ spring

float GuidoLayoutSettings::spring

the spring parameter typical values range from 1 to 5. Default value: 1.1

◆ systemsDistance

float GuidoLayoutSettings::systemsDistance

Control distance between systems, distance is in internal units (default value: 75)

◆ systemsDistribLimit

float GuidoLayoutSettings::systemsDistribLimit

Maximum distance allowed between two systems, for automatic distribution mode. Distance is relative to the height of the inner page. Default value: 0.25 (that is: 1/4 of the page height)

◆ systemsDistribution

int GuidoLayoutSettings::systemsDistribution

control systems distribution. Possible values: kAutoDistrib (default), kAlwaysDistrib, kNeverDistrib

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