GUIDOLib  1.6.8
A Music Score Rendering Engine
VGFont Member List

This is the complete list of members for VGFont, including all inherited members.

GetContext(VGDevice *context) constVGFontinlineprotected
GetExtent(const char *s, int inCharCount, float *outWidth, float *outHeight, VGDevice *context) const =0VGFontpure virtual
GetExtent(int c, float *outWidth, float *outHeight, VGDevice *context) const =0VGFontpure virtual
GetName() const =0VGFontpure virtual
GetProperties() const =0VGFontpure virtual
GetSize() const =0VGFontpure virtual
kFontBold enum valueVGFont
kFontItalic enum valueVGFont
kFontNone enum valueVGFont
kFontUnderline enum valueVGFont

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